Sports Biomechanics Assessment

Movement efficiency is paramount in out daily lives. Be it at work, home or in athletic fields of performance, the ability to move, move well and maximize our output is the foundation of longevity and success. We are a culmination of our efforts over time. Those efforts are taxing, sometimes injurious and often result in either brief or sustained compensations in how we function. These compensations can detrimentally effect quality of life, our movement, our performance. Often compensations go unnoticed, until injury or ineffective movement interrupts our endeavors.

What we do at Pro-Release is analyze, photograph and take video because fist step in getting you to where you want, is to identify where you are. We then create a plan of correction, treat if needed, instruct and re-educate the body to position itself and move efficiently and effectively, whatever your goals may be.  

For the athletes, our 25+ years in the Sports Performance and Sports Medicine fields has revealed the fact that you are not getting the most out of your sought-after training resources.  Whether its time, place or even insurance limitations, the professionals you’ve sought out to get you to the top of your game, or back in the game, are limited by their own time, resources and regulations. We will analyze training and competition photos and videos, review your documented training regimen and assess them against your competition results. We will listen to you and document your goals.  We will never theorize what you can do, only conclude what you will do if you follow our guided adaptations to your existing routine. We work collaboratively with any of your current training, coaching and sports medicine resources to fill in the gaps.  Then we take you further.

We believe it is absolutely paramount that we make sure that you have the tools and information to make informed and effective decisions and alterations in your postures and movements through immediate and on-going access to us.

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