Professional Custom Bike Fitting

We at Pro-Release bring 25+ years of sports biomechanics, a mastery of human anatomy, physiology and a lifetime of competition to the arena of fitting you on your bike correctly.

We will accurately assess you first; posture, movement efficiency and effectiveness and help you understand any mis-match in your current bike fit and how you actually move and position yourself on the bike. If you are experiencing pain of any kind (weakness, numbness, limited motion, etc) we will find the root cause using the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) protocols and present options for correction and resolution.

There are fundamental realities of physics about a bike and the body which rides it. If those fundamentals are in conflict with each other, your output on the bike will be greatly compromised and at worst, lead to injurious results.

Bike behaving “skittish” on the road? Hills destroy your ability to regulate your energy output? Are you so fatigued after a moderate to hard ride that even walking or changing out of a cycling jersey is painful? Is your overall mobility reduced while on the bike (neck, torso, low back, hips)? All of these have elements of both a body being overworked and a poor fit on a bike. Knowing how to correct both the body and the bike is what we do for you.

We’ve expanded our scientific base of services to professional bike fitting, relying on our 25 years of results-oriented biomechanics assessment and sports performance enhancement. Our assessment and fitting method will get you the most out of your position on your bike and in the most efficient manner. Old bike? New bike? Road, Mountain, TT / Triathlon? We’ll get you fit.

At Pro-Release, the biomechanics of the biker, runner, triathlete, commuter, mountain bike racer is intuitive to our owner Steve. The mechanics of how the bike should fit you, to maximize output and efficiency is at the heart of our professional bike-fit service. We’ve worked diligently in conjunction with Badger Velo’s pre-eminent bike fitter, John Huenink to master the conversion of our body biomechanics expertise to the physics of the various bikes (road, mountain, triathlon, commuter, etc). We will maximize effectiveness and comfort of your road position, Tri / TT position, mountain position, commuter comfort and with our relationship with John, can readily get you on a new ride too.