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Often, when we are in physical pain, whether it be the result of a sports injury or of a repetitive motion on the job, we resign ourselves to the belief that pain will forever be a part of our daily lives. At ProRelease, we want to show you that it is possible to live a physically demanding lifestyle – without the pain.

We are happy to provide many services to our clients including Active Release Techniques (ART) and other Sports Medicine services to support the active participant to the elite competitor. With more than 20 years combined experience between Sports Medicine and Sports Performance, we get results.

At ProRelease, we offer access to the Molecular Fitness Lifestyle by Health Connexin. As a Certified Provider of Health Connexin, the importance of monitoring and actively improving your cellular health cannot be overstated. Most lifestyles (athletic, non-athletic alike) maintain a cellular-level status that leaves us all vulnerable to diseases and system “malfunction”. Many conditions and diseases and acute health issues can be attributed to poorly maintained cellular health. We can show, advise and educate you on how to take an active role in improving your body-system function through Health Connexin.

What makes the Pro-Release approach different?

  • Licensed in the State of Wisconsin as a Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT)
  • Total Body Certified Provider of Active Release Techniques (ART)
  • Long Tract Nerve Entrapment Certified through ART
  • ART Masters Certification
  • Member of ART’s local Elite Provider Network (EPN), which provides ART to 100 large corporations-throughout North America, reducing work-comp injury costs and additional health care costs
  • ART Complex Protocols certified
  • ART Diagnostics and SFMA certified
  • Trained in Nutrition Response Testing

We will do what is necessary for you to return normal function!

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